Last August 2011, I took the VMware 4.x Installation and Configuration Class, and in the weeks later, I tested and earned my VMware Certified Professional accreditation.  I should have done the VCP a lot sooner … like 2 years sooner. 


I met with my fellow VMware colleagues at Collaborate 2011 as we were discussing virtualizing Tier 1 Mission Critical Databases on VMware.  I told them the story that I’ve been virtualizing Oracle Databases and E-Business Suite for my clients for the past two years.  Instantly, my vendor relationship with VMware went from none to “virtual platinum” status because such skills and implementation experience with customers seem to be relatively scarce in the industry.  Also, I am sure being an Oracle ACE Director and being a co-author of three books helped some :-)


As a fellow VCP, I plan on upgrading my VCP to 5.x sometime this year.